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Access to a network of academicians that are involved in research in the robotics field
Access to information on certification courses in robotics, utilizing advanced robotic facilities
Access to information on studies, institutes of higher learning, facilities and opportunities in the robotics sector
Robotic Labs
Robotic labs such as the Advanced Precision Lab in the Malaysian Japanese International Institute of Technology

Advanced Robotic Lab, MJIIT

Robotics is a highly interdisciplinary feld focused on the design, operation, development, validation and application of mechanical devices that entails sensing, manipulating, navigating and responding to the environment to complete tasks either autonomously or based on feedback from human. The Advanced Robotics Lab is the platform for research activities under the MJIIT Service Laboratories . We provide a wide range of industry-academia trainings in the industrial robots programming and operations, also we are specialized in installation, connection and experiment with equipment testing. Through the modules and hands-on practice in working with robotics and automation system, trainees will learn to experience the operation of the IR4.0 platform’s computer integrated manufacturing system (iCIM), arc- welding robot manipulator, light payload rbot manipulator as well as collaborative robots towards achieving smart and digital manufacturing. We are more than happy to provide details information of our services and facilities. Also, we are looking for collaboration in research and development (R&D) in line with Industry- Academia initiatives. Kindly check this website (mjiit.utm. my/gcp) out for more information.


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