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Benefit For The Industry

Staff Training
Upgrade the skills of your staff to include robotics proficiency by enrolling in certification courses
Latest Research
Be in the know of the latest research by research institutions and opportunities for commercialization
Network with other MyRAS members within the industry

The Global Certification Program (GCP)

The Global Certification Program (GCP) is an Industry-Academia initiative to certify professionals with high-skills towards Industry 4.0 qualifications and the primary focus of GCP is the Automation and Smart Manufacturing (ASM) but not limited to Agriculture, Automotive and Timber industries.

Students receive both theoretical and practical laboratory instructions through a combination of online learning resources, hands-on testing and debugging of robotics and automation systems. Areas of study include Lab-based, Technical-based, Competency-based and MOOC-based modules.

The GCP equips low-skilled employees with a wide range of modern hands-on experiences in industry to achieve a high-skilled status. It also covers certifications from Supervisors, Technicians, Executives, and Engineers up to Managerial level. 

3 Course Modes

Full Program Schedule ---- Pay As You Learn Courses ---- Customized Courses

GCP Website

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